Saturday, January 31, 2015

All These Measles

You know, I’m just not the type to be able to sit there quietly while people attack me. Well, I guess it’s not me specifically, but still.

Here’s the thing about this vaccine debate. It’s not a debate. It’s an attack campaign. Neither side is logically presenting their evidence and responding point by point. It’s a media fueled slander campaign designed to polarize and make people into attack dogs, setting out to tear apart any parent who has made this stupid, ignorant and obviously non-evidence based decision.

So, the obvious thing I’m going to say here is that this decision is none of those things. Before making a decision on vaccinations, I pored over dozens and dozens of sources from the CDC to the WHO, to all kinds of scientific peer reviewed studies to decide if this was something we shouldn’t do. The default decision was yes, most vaccinations, but after my research, the answer I had was no. There were still only 2 vaccinations I remained willing to even consider: measles and pertussis. However, both of these now only exclusively come in combination injections and because they do, I will not do it.

Here’s something I want everyone to think about, because I think there’s really just one reason all this shit is hitting this giant and glorious fan. Why? If we have freedom of choice, why have individual vaccinations been eliminated, pushing parents who might vaccinate for a couple of major issue viruses to none at all. Why is the media so focused on labeling parents who don’t vaccinate as ignorant and stupid, while making all of the rest of you feel superior and informed? Why is superior and informed the decision to go along with whatever your doctor and government said to do before doing hours of research for yourself? If this is such a serious issue, why didn't the government just come out and make it mandatory to do all of the vaccinations?

I will tell you why. If the government just came out and said, all you unvaccinated are just too dangerous and you have to do it, there would be an uproar. Think constitutional debates and oppressive, Orwelian big brother arguments. BUT, if they could just wait for a few instances to feed the media scripts and turn people against each other, well… Then you would have the people clamoring for the government to take these freedoms and choices away, and voila! All is solved! You will have demanded with passion and fervor and balloons and confetti, like it’s the fucking 4th of July to strip the choice of medical treatment away from us. And what we will be left with is frightening.

Here’s the thing, there is no getting around the fact that vaccines cause adverse reactions in some people. Or the fact that we aren’t trying to figure out what in these people’s bodies make them more susceptible so we can test people before getting vaccinations to know if they will have a reaction. Or the fact that vaccines, the adjuvants in particular have been shown to cause autoimmune disorders, type 1 diabetes, intussuseption, developmental delays, encephalitis, meningitis or a host of other issues. Or the fact that the Freedom of Information Act has made available transcripts from the 80’s of government meetings with discussion of cover-ups and ways to intentionally skew statistics and information in favor of vaccination. And where are the studies examining the differences between the immune systems of vaccinated and unvaccinated children? They don’t exist. What about the rise in disease associated with aluminum consumption that directly corresponds to aluminum being added to vaccines? No attention at all.

Here’s one thing I know. My son has a genetic predisposition to autoimmune disease. His father has one of the most severe cases that doctors have seen that arose directly after massive inoculations and large doses of aluminum. I am not willing to risk him being seriously ill his entire life so he won’t get measles. Will two doses of a vaccine cause this same reaction? I can’t be sure, and neither can his doctor. Hell, his doctor didn’t even know what I was talking about when I said aluminum adjuvant! That’s a serious problem! I can’t have an informed discussion with my child’s doctor about vaccines. The other doctors in town will not take patients who won’t consider the entire CDC schedule. How is this the solution to our problem? Provide you with no one informed you can have real discussion with or alienate and attack, is that going to make this all better? Seriously??

The other thing everyone seems to be ignoring is that in the vast majority of cases, measles isn’t that bad. Seriously. I’m aware that some cases can lead to complications, which is why we have medical care and that there are people with compromised immune systems that may get it worse. (I know, that’s terrible, but it’s not enough reason for me. Does that make me selfish? I don’t know, you tell me.) But seriously, the complication rate (mostly ear infection and diarrhea, by the way, although they make it seem like complication means only most severe ones) is supposed to be 30%. The only statistics available are for the worst complications, which are very low. Encephalitis and pneumonia are considered the worst and have hardly shown up at all (4 out of 159 in 2013, 9 out of 118 in 2011, and all of these were pneumonia, no cases of encephalitis and no deaths). Even at its very worst, with 3 to 4 million people being infected every year before the vaccine, the disease resulted on average in 400 – 500 deaths annually. It isn’t much more dangerous than chicken pox, which I and most people I know had as children. My theory is that now that kids are vaccinated against it and it’s not just a “normal” childhood illness, these headlines will be the same when they are adults. “Chicken pox outbreak due to unvaccinated kids!” Almost any illness can be deadly in the worst of cases, which are not even close to the norm, so why have they become so terrifying? Let’s not even get into the flu, which doesn’t generally have everyone shitting their pants. Every season I hear people who are like, “Yeah, I got the flu.” The CDC doesn’t even know how many people die because of the flu each year, but their estimates range (depending upon the year of course) between 1,000 – 14, 000 annually and that vaccine is one of the least effective on the market. Why is there so little focus on this!? Oh I guess it’s harder to point the finger and if they don’t have effective ways of preventing it, they can’t all fear-monger people. I digress…

I guess all I’m really after here is an understanding that goes both ways without blind labeling. You vaccinate your kid? Cool, I bet you have reasons for that. I don’t vaccinate mine? Guess what! I probably also have reasons for that! It doesn’t matter though. We’ll go on polarizing, because that’s what the media is designed to do, pit us against each other for darker motives. The next time you watch the news, pay attention to your body. Are you tense? Do you feel an adrenaline rush when you hear certain stories? Do you find yourself coming away from the TV ready to tear “those people” apart? Then you have very intentionally been made an unwitting tool. Their language and their focus is not accidental. So when you get on Facebook calling all of those unvaccinating people stupid and ignorant and irresponsible, stop thinking of this “group” as some nameless, faceless mob. Put my name in there. Say, “Lauren is stupid, ignorant and uninformed. How dare she? Who does she think she is? Her kid is a weapon and she doesn’t even care about anyone but herself.” If that still rings true, go ahead, keep spreading that anger and hate. That will surely solve all of our problems. If it doesn’t, think about what you’re saying and the energy you’re putting out there and the real people and their real lives that you are directing it at.

I’ve already lost friends because of this, people I’ve known 15 years. If that sort of relationship can be severed by this topic, I don’t know what else to say. All the anger, fear and poison surrounding this topic has made friends into enemies and it really just fucking sucks.

Anyway, if you’re interested in reading some of the documents I have showing negative effects from vaccinations, let me know and I’ll email them to you. In the meantime, check out this website:

And know, even if we disagree, I still love you. You are not stupid or ignorant, you are doing the best that you can to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Just because I had to update once I found this video and I know it often helps to hear things from people smarter than me:


  1. Well put, Lauren. I'm sure Maverick will thank you when he is old enough to understand. Aunt Sherry did not vaccinate her two boys and they are strong, healthy young men. ♡

  2. Well-composed and very sensible post! I'm in the same boat as you. Could you email said documents to me? Always looking to get more edumacated on the topic...

    1. Thanks dannyROD, glad you've made it to my blog! Happy to send some studies. Send me a quick line to so I can get your email address and I'll send those right over to you.